Back to the Roots

Hello beloved Clubfans

Always we get asked:
How it get to it, off all things in Florida to found an 1.FCN Fanclub ?

The answer is quite short and easy. A mixture of homesickness and consciousness of tradition as well as a little bit of boredom. Unfortunately thereto joined a big handicap. It’s only possible to follow the Bundesliga in scarcest reports. Soccer is no issue on TV in the USA. So we are well advised to use the internet.

A part of our fanclub members are “Snow Birds”. So the overwintering people from Canada and Europe got called from the locals during their to escape from the winter.
Klaus Becker (1929-2014) , honorary president

The foundation stone was laid by Klaus Becker on August 5th, 2005. He founded the 1.FCN Fanclub “Florida Westcoast” in Bradenton, Florida, the only 1.FCN Fanclub in the USA until now. Til the present day his love for Florida and the flame for his favourite club isn’t dead as well as his affinity to the region Franconia.

Because of health problems Klaus Becker couldn’t lead the Fanclub anymore. In November 2010 he handed the Fanclub over to his member Armin Peipp. His longtime companion and fanclub member Armin Peipp will assume the leadership of the fanclub. Klaus Becker will assist the president with help and advice. Sad to say that Klaus Becker died in December 2014.